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In the early 1980s, India was richer on a per capita basis than China —
India’s population was much smaller than China’s, but its GDP was of
similar size.

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Ban Made in China or assembled in China like-Laptop,cell phone,
computer, printer, machinery, appliances etc…..and India will be 50
years backward nation..we are not yet capable of producing all these
products at Chines prices and quality…

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Chinese are known to the shrewd business.. Chinese want to control,
they are control freak.. india have to be cautions.


Members of India’s middle class have become remarkably arrogant,
thinking that there must be something special about them that made them
so much richer, but they were merely lucky beneficiaries of western
technology. This arrogance has boosted nationalism, which is spreading
like wildfire.

aranathan Lakshminarasimhan


India’s Problems Have Deep Roots



Population growth and demographics of India incl. projection



Commodity and currency markets have been very turbulent, and the Arab
Spring has not only failed to keep up its pace, it has half-destroyed
the Middle East, with fires raging in Syria, Turkey, Libya, etc. Migrant
problems in Europe and the uncertain future of the US — as per the
current narrative — leave India as the prime candidate to prop up global
economic growth.



Not only did this not happen, but as demonstrated above, by now it looks
as though it will be virtually impossible for India to outpace China.
One should pause to reflect on why so many have been so consistently
wrong about India.



Given a chance, Indian companies prefer to move their factories to
China. Indian cities and villages are packed with Chinese good, even
very basic ones. The way Indians drive mirrors how Indian manufacturing
and service industries operate:

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I have checked it for many products and found that Indian or other
country products are not much costly compared to Chinese products. And
quality is definitely better. Chinese are business minded and if at any
moment, they feel that their business interests are stake, they will
kick Pakistan in no time.

In the last three decades, India’s economy has grown, but most of this
growth can be attributed to significantly improved access to the western
world and its technology through the new medium of internet and cheap
telephony. The low-hanging fruit from this have been plucked and India
is starting to show signs of stagnation.

I am told by some body in China the government will not allow any body
to die or become super rich like India


What Will India’s Future be Like?

India”s economy is far behind China. Of course, China can immensely
help India to become a five-fold economy, forget about China”s economy
, it is China”s population and their demands that is itself a huge
scope to cop up with Chinese market if India gets the opportunity.


It should be easy to see that India is not the next China. There is no
point in holding out much hope for India. Rather, it is ever easier to
conclude that it is on the way to becoming the next banana republic,
similar to neighboring countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri
Lanka, Myanmar or Nepal.

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India has been a massive beneficiary of the fall in oil price, as oil is
by far its biggest import. This was a one-off gain, a benefit for growth
that will trail off again. Indian exports are already showing signs of
strain and are falling, partly losing out to other countries which
continue to improve their competitiveness, such as China and the


indian citizen

India is an extremely irrational, superstitious, and tribal country. The
concept of reason is mainly conspicuous by its absence in much of India.
India was long associated with Britain and has imported western
institutions, ways of living, technology, etc., over the last 200-300
years, but has failed to import the concept of reason.

Dinakar Varadarajan


India’s institutions are often highlighted as the reason for the
country’s superiority over China or other non-democratic systems. The
reality is that in the last 70 years, Indians have systematically
destroyed the institutions left by the British. Today’s judiciary,
legislature and executive are not comparable.


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The problem is that many people confuse “rate of growth” with actual
“growth.” They blithely assume that a higher growth rate means greater
growth. They assume that a decline in the growth rate is a decline in
growth. Perhaps people simply see what they want to see as a result of
their ideological preferences.


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One could well say that by the time democracy was introduced in the
West, particularly in its present form in which everyone has the right
to vote, the West had already reached its intellectual peak.

ure we will

Sharad Lotlikar

India certainly appears to be in an advantageous position in terms of
demographics. While China’s society is aging and the number of young
people is declining, more than 50% of Indians are below the age of 29.
Alas, this is likely to turn into a liability, as the vast majority of
them are unskilled and incapable of participating in the modern economy.


rajesh makharia

It helps to play around with the numbers cited above to understand how
erroneous expectations have been. If one assumes that India continues to
grow at a rate of 7.5%, and China at a rate of 6.3% from here on out, it
will take 127 years before India’s per capita growth will actually begin
to exceed China’s.


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The history of democracy’s achievements in the non-western world is
particularly bad. Africa, the Middle East, South East Asia and most of
South America are riddled with countries that embraced democracy and
almost immediately took a turn for the worse. In fact, I cannot think of
a single country in these regions that improved after adopting
democracy. Nepal, East Timor, and PNG are vivid recent examples.

Ranu Goyel

Vidyadhar Bandekar

Growth in Indian exports has turned negative in early 2015 – click to



The Sacred Cow of Democracy



Indian manufacturing plants or offices, including those in the private
sector are chaotic, wasteful and incapable of planning and following a
system as a result. Labor costs appear cheap, but India’s chaos ensures
low productivity.

Observation and suggestions are realistic. There is no open enimity
between India and China and hence developing business partnership will
be beneficial.


Non-western countries which have performed better in terms of economic
growth and social indexes improved during time periods in which they
were for all practical purposes not democratic. To name a few: Lee Kuan
Yew’s Singapore, British and now Chinese Hong Kong, Park Chung-hee’s
South Korea, Pinochet’s Chile, and Chiang’s Taiwan.

Of course. We can learn not only from the experiences from China, a
country similar to India in terms of population and cultural
attributes, but also from other developing countries like Vietnam,
Indonesia etc.. Chinese experience shows that a country with such a
large population can transform itself by large scale investments in
infrastructure, education, health care, etc.. and by adopting
appropriate economic reforms.

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It shouldn’t be too difficult to abandon the idea that India will be the
next China. India’s much-celebrated growth of 7.5% is too low to make
any real impact on the world economy. But even this is under massive
threat, once considers the country’s institutional and cultural



India has been the world’s favorite country for the last three years. It
is believed to have superseded China as the world’s fastest growing
large economy. India is expected to grow at 7.5%. Compare that to the
mere 6.3% growth that China has “fallen” to.

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All evidence indicates that Indians were actually disincentivized from
developing critical thinking, creativity and reasoning skills. Why
bother when one could become rich without them?



In India democracy never worked, but who need facts when emotions need
to be satisfied? If Africa were a country, India would be worse off in
terms of virtually every economic and social index on per capita basis.
As a proportion of India’s population, the country’s people are among
the world’s poorest, most diseased, wretched and malnourished.

1 days ago

Mohini Madhukar

It is virtually impossible to get anything done in India without a
bribe. Worse, people must grovel and humiliate themselves in front of
public servants to get what is rightfully theirs.



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A painting purporting to show the assembly of ancient Athens. The
city-state became democratic around 500 BC – it was the first known
experiment in democracy. However, only adult male Athenian citizens who
had completed their military training had the right to vote. Slaves,
freed slaves, children, women and foreigners residents were excluded.



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We urgently need economic reforms to compete with china.If china can why
can”t India.?

The same could be said for Africa, the Middle East, rest of South Asia
and most of South America. But we will stick with India here. Without
the concept of reason, people can have no understanding of the rule of
law, of fairness, or simply of what is right or wrong.

they are experienced cheater, fraudster, bully, back stabber,
betrayer, unreliable! fake masters!


Is India the World’s Next Superpower?




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One of the major reasons why the West, its institutions and the upper
and middle classes prefer India over China is that India follows the
western religion of democracy. They refuse to see that democracy tends
not to work in poor countries (it is debatable whether it worked in the

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The IMF, the World Bank, and the international media have celebrated
this event. Declining commodity prices and other problems in Russia,
Brazil and South Africa have damaged the prospects of the BRICs
(ex-India) and other emerging markets.

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It seems to be deeply emotionally satisfying to finally see the world’s
largest democracy supersede the “communist dictatorship” of China.
India’s GDP has also just surpassed that of the UK, its former colonial
master. The world is looking toward India as a beacon for the future of
humanity. Again, that seems to be the narrative.

Bir Chilarai


Based on these figures, India will add USD 129 in economic output on a
per capita basis if it grows at a pace of 7.5%. Similarly, if China
grows by 6.3%, its output will increase by USD 520 per capita.



Popular Narrative



Under Modi’s reign, as the institutions which the British left continue
to get destroyed, liberties are falling, taxes are going up without any
improvements in public service, and the regulatory burden has increased
significantly. The country is getting increasingly centralized as well,
and brought under Modi’s command. He believes he has to do more of all
these things to ensure India remains on a path to growth. This is a
recipe for disaster.

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Today none of these institutions are run for the benefit of the
country’s citizens. They operate for the glorification of the State, in
which citizens are mere cogs. These institutions have mutated on account
of India’s underlying tribalism totalitarian tendencies.



Indian motorists in action

Govind Kalaga

8 hours ago

China’s GDP is USD 11.4 trillion (2016; IMF). India’s GDP is USD 2.25
trillion (2016; IMF). These economies are in no way comparable. The
Chinese economy is more than 5 times larger. China’s GDP per capita
stands at USD 8,260 and that of India at USD 1,718. China’s population
(1.37 billion) and the population of India (1.34 billion) are comparable
— but China is five times richer on a per capita basis.


Sonia Dickshit

Intellectuals should engage in some self-reflection on why they have
been consistently wrong about India.It is China that exhibits continued
economic and social growth. China keeps coming out with innovative
products. In China’s book shops one can find Chinese translations of
many of the best foreign books. I’m worried that India could rapidly
become a backwater by comparison.


Ban on china would boost domestic industry.

In a society lacking in rationality, nationalism is not perceived to be
about human values but is a mere geographical, tribal concept. Hindutava
(Hindu-nationalism) has been on the rise. The BJP, the party
representing this ideology, has come to power two and half years ago,
with Narendra Modi as the prime minister.


Yashpalsinh mahida

By Jayant Bhandari


Indians in general should avoid business links with Chinese and
temporarily avoid Chinese goods.Chinese goods are mostly non-essentials.
Substitutes are not very costly either, except very few items.

On 8th November 2016, Modi announced a ban on banknotes affecting 86% of
the monetary value of currency in circulation. This has been another
example of his dictatorial policies, as the decision was not even
discussed by his own cabinet. Even the central bank did not know about
the ban until the very last moment.

Amazing growth never heard anywhere in the world, from 2.2 trillion to
10 trillion in 14 years?


While India grew economically, government grew at an even faster rate.
People and corporations took on debt faster than they could repay it.
They imported the lifestyle and a generous helping of consumerism from
the West, mostly its entertainment aspects. Reason fell by the wayside.



Assimilating the concept of reason hasn’t happened in the last 200-300
years. In Europe it took about 2,000 years after it was discovered by
Greco-Roman philosophers. Could it take another millennium or more
before India’s society will be able to assimilate the concept of reason?



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Unless one is a criminal, one doesn’t visit a police station in India.
The tyranny of the police, up to and including killing innocent people
in fake encounters, has a long history. Court cases can drag on for
decades. Regulations and laws are mere pieces of paper, with decisions
sold to the largest bidder.

A. S. Mathew


Readers should reflect on the fact that Modi took a decision crippling
the economy by robbing it of its life-blood, depriving people of the
medium of exchange they needed for performing transactions, without
worrying in the least about checks and balances.



They can only think in terms of might is right, street-smartness and
political connections. Such a society cannot have any understanding of
the principles of the ten commandments, or have respect for the
individual and liberty.

India may lead China soon


It is often claimed that India has the largest English speaking
population outside the western world. This was true in the past, but it
is likely no longer true. China has brought in a large number of native
speakers from Canada, the UK and the US to teach English to its
students. It seems very likely that there are now more English speakers
in China than there are in India – and they speak better English.



A WSJ video report on India as the world’s fastest-growing economy

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Readers will do themselves a service by challenging themselves to find
out whether democracy really has any connection with improved
governance, stronger institutions of liberty, or faster economic growth.

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There is a net increase of 12 million Indians joining the workforce
every year, but India continues to exhibit job-less growth. While their
expectations are increasing — for they all watch American TV — they lack
wealth-generating capabilities. As a result, crime is on the rise.

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China’s GDP growth rate has declined from its previous torrid pace – but
what does this really mean by comparison? – click to enlarge.

In theory,it is acceptable to say that India should encourage Chinese
to help India become a $10Trillion economy.However,the Chinese
political establishment is too shrewd to fall into such traps.China has
the world before them and why shoud it encourage India?

Government of India can not ban but people of India will boycot the
goods of china make .This will be indirect ban

Everything cited above is plain wrong and falsifiable by using primary
school mathematics. It is little but rationalization for what seems to
be emotionally gratifying.

hyam Prasad

Vijay Bali

India’s quarterly annualized GDP growth rate since 2008, according to
MOSPI (statistics ministry) – click to enlarge.



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As mentioned earlier, the low-hanging fruit from importing western
technology have been plucked by now. India has failed to cultivate
critical thinking and hence the ability to develop its own technology.

Gopal Sriniwasan

9 hours ago

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Those who say that India is home to the world’s largest economic growth
have not even done primary school math on the situation. India actually
needs to grow at more than 30% to outpace China in absolute terms per


I have not bought any Chinese products or availed of Chinese services
consciously since the India- Chinese War of 1962. Or, in other words
ever since my school going days. And, I am none the worse for my
decision. We, certainly, can do without the goods and services from
any particular country. It all depends and boils down to the individual.

China and India, history of real GDP expansion since 1980



If one pores over statements released by international institutions and
media reports published over the past 36 years, it was consistently
claimed that while India would be slow in getting to this point, it
would eventually outpace China.

1 days ago


48% of Indians don’t even have access to toilets. Similar percentages of
India’s population live without electricity, water and other basic
amenities. To put this number into perspective again: at a per capita
GDP of USD 1,718, India is poorer than Sudan, the Republic of Congo,
Laos, Papua New Guinea and many other countries not exactly known for
their great wealth.







1 days ago


This gentleman”s mind is bogged by Chinese effect. He is neither able to
appreciate the difference in underlying realities between India and
China nor able to realize that Chinese growth model is not one of the
best rather it is fundamentally faulty and unjustified.


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Boycott chines goods for national interest as mahatma Gandhi gave call
to boycott British goods during Independence struggle


Bln Murthy

Despite all the Modi rhetoric against China, in the end the BJP has to
fall at China”s feet for investment.


RaMa Rajya





It is really upset that, Econimics times is publishing this news,
despite the fact that, larger the usage of Chinese more will be Trade
deficit currently it is at 6 times, moreover China is not doing scoial
work india, they are earning profits from India… using money against
India!!! Its so simple logic!!!


Damodar Biswal



we donot need him he can go

9 hours ago

The two things that are most vital were not mentioned: infrastructure
and labour law reforms. Tackle these two on a war footing and the rest
will fall into place. We don”t need China for any of this. Their time is
done and ours is just beginning.


let china cancel the cpec project in pakistan and only then we should
cooperate with the chinese – we are already a 10 trillion dollars
economy by the PPP method and china is only 18 trillion dollars by the
PPP method – so china is only two times more than india in real terms


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7 hours ago




9 hours ago


top using Chinese goods

1 days ago

8 hours ago



Harish Diga


Gurudas Saha


1 days ago


21 hours ago







As a member of WTO, India can”t ban import of Chinese goods, but
Indians can slowly stop buying chinese goods till such time China wakes
up to the fact and mend its ways.Of course Sitaram Yechury won”t be



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it is totally irresponsible of a country, as a whole, to run up such a
huge trade deficit with one specific country. specially one that plays
games bordering on hostility.

But not adopt false figures given by Chinese every time.

Made in China? Put it back on the shelves! Don”t buy it!

not aure it is a correct assessment as we are completely different from
them in terms of economic model. We follow a mixed market economy model


1 days ago


阿尔温德·帕纳加里亚:印度可借鉴中国经验 到2030年GDP增至10万亿美元

Pankaj Kshirsagar

16 hours ago

We mainly buy electronic goods from China! India should give incentives
to produce those goods in India!


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Govind Pant



Pankaj Kshirsagar

Its really unforutnate that, a financial paper plublishing such
mis-guiding articles… I personally disagree with this article



India is no less than China in terms of knowledge and ability. But at
this point in time they are more powerful and wealthy. We can not become
like China over night. But we can certainly reduce the usage of Chinese

ankar Km

because Indian Traders are Traitors !

babuanils hh





Dont publish this kind of news, if your not able to encourage please
Don”t discourage, Please provide alternate way to buy other county
product instead of china.for example we move to japan product like sony
if no option left.

Pbch Chowdhuri


Lenovo, ASUS, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo and Gionee are Chinese mobile
companies. This Diwali keep away from buying any products that are
manufactured in China as China is supporting Pakistan.

5 hours ago


Quality? Of Chinese goods! You must be joking!

Perhaps if Indian customers are discerning and the insist on non-Chinese
products, then the sale of Chinese products will fall. While buying
cellphones, people could opt for Korean, Japanese or American ones if
they do not want Indian ones and boycott Chinese products. On-line sales
of Chinese products and promotion of Chinese products by the media must
be stopped.

8 hours ago